The Internet is my home.
This is my address.

The roles I play

Web Journalist

A part of my job profile requires me to play the role of a journalist, of the Internet kind. Currently employed with

Blogger and Archivist

Active on the blogging scene since 2005. My primary and most popular blog is Cutting the Chai. The blog is also a digital archive.

Internet Innovator

To find new ways of doing things better online is both a passion and part of my profession. A self-confessed Internet addict.


About me


My school leaving certificate spells my name as Soumyadip Choudhury (সৌম্যদীপ চৌধুরী), some call me The Chaiwallah. I work and live in what is generally referred to as Delhi NCR (work in Noida, stay in Ghaziabad).

A part of my work profile labels me as a journalist (of the Internet kind) and my areas of specialisation incudes technology. The Internet is the primary area of personal and professional interest and I also build products for the Web. I am currently with Network18 as Technology Editor and Product Manager at

In over nine years of empoyment, I have worked with HT Media, Career Launcher, The Times Group, NDTV and Network18 in various capacities.

As a chronicler of popular culture via advertising, movies, photos and more, I maintain a popular blog, Cutting the Chai, since 2005. The blog also doubles up as a digital archive of India's popular culture.

Have been hard-wired to everything tech since childhood, I have a penchant for making and repairing (and occasionally breaking) things. My wife and family suspect that I am secretly married to my laptop.

Was born and brought up in Shillong and that is the place I still call home (in the physical world).


If you have any queries or just want to get in touch, drop a line to .